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31. Interview: Rustum Roy
we can look at questions of genetic engineering , and before we get there be able to say, okay, within our traditions, this is going to be alright, and this not alright. And when people say it can't be guided, I give you the example of nuclear
http://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/roy-body.html - 17.3kb

32. Biography: M.G. Prasad
a professor of mechanical engineering specializing in acoustics and vibration at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey. Prasad serves in educational and religious activities at several temples and organizations. He has written
http://www.counterbalance.org/bio/Prasad-body.html - 4.1kb

33. Subject Home: Environment
Topic Sets Genetic Engineering and Food... Environmental Ethics and Theology... (Randolph & Yunt, 5 topics) The Radical Revision of Human Existence and the
http://www.counterbalance.org/enviro/index-body.html - 4.3kb

34. Biography: Lee Silver
and Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Engineering: Who will Decide the Future of Humankind? Silver is the author of many publications, including Mouse Genetics : Concepts and Practice , and Remaking Eden: Cloning and Beyond in a
http://www.counterbalance.org/bio/silv-body.html - 3.5kb

35. Genetics Topic: Sondra Wheeler
example, those who fear the engineering possibilities of embryonic stem cell research allied to embryo cloning raise the fears of others by speaking of stem cell research as leading directly to designer babies. Those who place their hope in
http://www.counterbalance.org/stemcol/swheel-body.html - 11.6kb

36. Genetics Topic: Xenotransplantation and its Associated Safety and Ethical Issues
Immune Tolerance Genetically Engineer Pigs Ethical Issues Associated with Xenotransplantation Use of Animal Organs Genetic Engineering of Pigs
http://www.counterbalance.org/iftm/xenosaf-body.html - 8.7kb

37. Genetics Topic: Ethical Challenges in a Post Genome Era
Boston University College of Engineering Safety Efficiency of Cloning in Humans Unknown; Low in Other Vertebrates No Knowledge of Life Span Kant ís
http://www.counterbalance.org/iftm/ethpost-body.html - 5.1kb

38. General Term: Somatic Cell Gene Therapy
Cell Gene Therapy Genetic engineering of adult cells to alleviate disease, however, it is not possible yet. Related Topics: Genetics Contributed by: BU Search for Somatic Cell Gene
http://www.counterbalance.org/biogloss/scgt-body.html - 2.0kb

39. Genetics Topic: Improving our DNA
through germline engineering raises cautions about protecting human dignity. The primary caution raised has to do with our lack of knowledge regarding the possible consequences of altering the human germline. The problem is that the
http://www.counterbalance.org/genetics/germ-body.html - 3.6kb

40. Ecology Topic: Charles Birch and John B. Cobb, Jr.'s The Liberation of Life:...
agriculture, animal rights, genetic engineering , and sustainable energy production. Whether attending to the micro or macro dimensions of existence, their explicit goal is to liberate the concept and reality of life at the molecular, individual,
http://www.counterbalance.org/enviro/charl-body.html - 9.6kb

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