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21. Physics Topic: The Theology of Creation
nature miracles. The Resurrection of Christ is significant not only for humans but for all creation groaning in travail (Rom. 8:18-25). Finally, the parousia will bring about a "new heaven and a new earth" as promised to the
http://www.counterbalance.org/physics/creat-body.html - 5.9kb

22. Resources: CTNS Recommended: Intermediate Level
, and Michael Welker, eds. Resurrection : Theological and Scientific Assessments . ( Grand Rapids : Eerdmans, 2002). ISBN: 0802805191. ______, Muzaffar Iqbal, and Syed Nomanul Haq eds. God, Life & the Cosmos: Christian
http://www.counterbalance.org/reading/ctns2-body.html - 14.4kb

23. Resources: Bibliography for Murphy on Neuroscience
The Death of Death: Resurrection and Immortality in Jewish Thought (Woodstock, VT: Jewish Lights Publishing, 1997), 75-76. John W. Cooper, Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting: Biblical Anthropology and the Monism-Dualism
http://www.counterbalance.org/reading/neurobib-body.html - 3.0kb

24. Subject Home: Theology and Religion
The Resurrection of Jesus The Created Co-Creator: Clue to the Ways of Providence Theological Responses to Quantum Cosmology Religious Responses to the
http://www.counterbalance.org/subj/theol-body.html - 8.0kb

25. Creation/Evolution Survey Topic: Results
is flawed: The resurrection of Jesus parallels 'the fall' of Adam which occurred in the Garden of Eden. If there was no historical Adam or Eden in which animals did not compete for food, this is a problem for Christian
http://www.counterbalance.org/evosurv/resul-body.html - 9.1kb

26. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “Biological Evolution - A Positi...
perspective. Christ’s resurrection shows that such union with God cannot be broken even by death. His invitation to follow him calls us to be transformed by God’s act of new creation within human history. But how is this possible for
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/peaco2-body.html - 7.3kb

27. Divine Action Topic: Arbib, Michael A. “Towards a Neuroscience of the P...
science on the issue of the resurrection . Book Series Index Next: Arbib, Michael A. “Crusoe’s Brain: Of Solitude and Society." Email link | Printer-friendly | Feedback | Contributed by: CTNS /Vatican
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/arbib-body.html - 4.8kb

28. Divine Action Topic: Ellis, George F. R. “Ordinary and Extraordinary Di...
and revelation (such as the Resurrection of Christ) then the problem of evil does not take on the same dimensions as it does when it is assumed that God might freely intervene in any sort of process at any time. Finally, Ellis addresses
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/ellis-body.html - 5.0kb

29. Divine Action Topic: Ellis, George F. R. “Intimations of Transcendence:...
manifest most clearly in the resurrection of Jesus. Evidence for the theological vision proposed here comes from a variety of human experiences, which Peter Berger has termed “intimations of transcendence.” Ellis argues that while
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/ellis2-body.html - 4.5kb

30. Biography: Ted Peters
Russell and Michael Welker, Resurrection : Theological and Scientific Assessments (Eerdmans, 2002). Search for Ted Peters Biography Index Next >
http://www.counterbalance.org/bio/ted-body.html - 7.7kb

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