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21. Physics Topic: The Anthropic Principle and Creation Theology
entails a dialectic of freedom and constraint. There is a contingent, free element in nature, represented here by the value of Planck's constant and the laws which contain it; they could have been other than what they are. Yet this
https://www.counterbalance.org/physics/ap-body.html - 12.7kb

22. Intelligent Design Topic: Is the flagellum complex? General considerations
to biotic evolution are free to form as naturally as biologists have long proposed. No free lunch available? No problem; no lunch needed. But what about the bacterial flagellum in particular? Dembski is quite confident that he has
https://www.counterbalance.org/id-hvt/isthe-body.html - 13.0kb

23. Information Science Topic: Agency in Machines, Biology, and Humans
which a logical account of free agency can grow. This is not to suggest that atoms, for example, are not causally effective and real too, just that their status as real should be plotted on the same axis as the human self. What would a list
https://www.counterbalance.org/agency/agenc-body.html - 3.6kb

24. Genetics Topic: Should Genes Be Patented?
of laws of nature, free to all men and reserved exclusively to none.” Are cDNAs a natural phenomenon or a human invention? The cDNA does not occur naturally, and is not a gene per se. Rather, it is a copy version of a gene with
https://www.counterbalance.org/genetics/patnt2-body.html - 4.1kb

25. Genetics Topic: Cloning
of a subjective self with free will and the ability to engage in self-definition. The experience of identical twins is informative. For siblings to be identical means they have the same genome. Yet, each twin grows up with his or her own
https://www.counterbalance.org/genetics/clone-body.html - 5.3kb

26. Genetics Topic: The Gene Myth
understanding of human freedom. At minimum, nurture remains as important as nature. Molecular biologist R. David Cole, who claims that genetic determinism does not automatically erase free will at the human level, puts it this way:
https://www.counterbalance.org/genetics/myth-body.html - 4.8kb

27. Maddox Bibliography Topic: d. Recent Critiques of Naturalistic Darwinism (es...
to Evolution . New York: Free Press, 1996. Behe, Michael J. The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism . New York: Free Press, 2007. Corey, Michael A. The God Hypothesis: Discovering Design in Our “Just
https://www.counterbalance.org/mdxbib/drece-body.html - 4.3kb

28. Intelligent Design Topic: Doing what comes naturally
Throughout most of No Free Lunch, the terms “chance hypothesis” and “chance explanation” do not refer to chance (random events or processes) alone, but must be taken to mean “all hypotheses, postulates and
https://www.counterbalance.org/id-hvt/doing-body.html - 5.6kb

29. Intelligent Design Topic: Introduction
E. Coli at the No Free Lunchroom: Bacterial Flagella and Dembski ’s Case for Intelligent Design Howard J. Van Till Professor of Physics and Astronomy Emeritus Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 18 November, 2002 The
https://www.counterbalance.org/id-hvt/index-body.html - 3.5kb

30. Genetics Topic: Democratizing Decision Making Relating to Biotechnology
these products to Icelanders free of charge. Icelandic Government Favors Influx of Foreign Capital High-level Support: Icelands Prime Minister, Mr. David Oddson, said “I view
https://www.counterbalance.org/iftm/demdec-body.html - 64.6kb

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