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31. Genetics Topic: Modified Natural-Law Approach to Genetic Technologies
At least limited free press and free speech Democratic processes of decision making (Andresen) Checks and balances in appointments and structures Mechanisms for making whistle-blowing socially and economically effective
https://www.counterbalance.org/iftm/ww-body.html - 12.9kb

32. Maddox Bibliography Topic: E. Representative Recent Engagements of Theology ...
for Belief . New York: Free Press, 2006. Consolmagno, Guy. God’s Mechanics: How Scientists and Engineers Make Sense of Religion . San Franciso, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2007. Davies , Paul. God and the New Physics . New York:
https://www.counterbalance.org/mdxbib/erepr-body.html - 10.1kb

33. Science and Suffering Topic: Suffering and Buddhism - Paul Ingram
Ingram says, “no one is free from suffering unless all sentient beings are free from suffering.” Thus, “energized by awakened compassion, the awakened ones . . . are moved to work in the world to relieve all beings from
https://www.counterbalance.org/scisuff/suffe-body.html - 12.7kb

34. Theme Home: Themes Home
theory, 'No Free Lunch: Why Specified Complexity Cannot be Purchased Without Intelligence.' His article is: E. Coli at the No Free Luchroom . Home Next > The Relation of Science
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35. Intelligent Design Topic: Introduction[TOPIC-FILE:../id-hvt/index]
E. Coli at the No Free Lunchroom: Bacterial Flagella and Dembski ’s Case for Intelligent Design Howard J. Van Till Professor of Physics and Astronomy Emeritus Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 18 November, 2002
https://www.counterbalance.org/id-hvt/intro-body.html - 3.6kb

36. General Term: Existentialism
is their interest in human freedom and the nature of choice. Readers of Existentialist philosophy are being asked, not merely to contemplate the nature of freedom but to experience freedom and practice it. However, the title is slightly
https://www.counterbalance.org/gengloss/exist-body.html - 2.4kb

37. Divine Action Topic: Chiao, Raymond Y. “Quantum Nonlocalities: Experime...
photon following along the free path? In theory, a superluminal result is possible, in which the tunneling photon arrives first. Chiao shows why this result does not violate relativity: relativity allows for superluminal group velocities
https://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/chiao-body.html - 8.1kb

38. Divine Action Topic: Clarke, Chris. “The Histories Interpretation of Qu...
random” debates about free will . Instead, decision-making involves a shift from one consistent Boolean logic to another. We experience this as creativity, though the shift appears random to others. Our free will is thus characterized by the
https://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/clark-body.html - 7.6kb

39. Divine Action Topic: Ward, Keith. “God as a Principle of Cosmological E...
and still affirms free will by appealing to divine self-limitation. The advantage over Whitehead is that God’s omnipotence will “ensure that all the evil caused by the misuse of creaturely freedom will be ordered to good . .
https://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/keith-body.html - 5.6kb

40. Information Science Topic: Agency: Human, Robotic and Divine
and if so, how? Are persons free? Why does God not prevent evil and suffering? What is life, and when does it begin and end? What is consciousness? Some areas of scientific research that drive the discussion forward are: Quantum Mechanics, Complex
https://www.counterbalance.org/agency/index-body.html - 6.3kb

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