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41. Interview: Full Interview Index
Joel Primack Rustum Roy Pauline Rudd Robert Russell F
https://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/index-body.html - 24.3kb

42. Interview: Setting the Scene for Cosmic Questions
Joel Primack on the Current Revolution in Cosmology Play Irven DeVore on the Reopening of the Dialogue between Science and Theology Play
https://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/intro-body.html - 8.9kb

43. Interview: The Faith of Scientists
Joel Primack on Judaism Play Francis Collins : Personal Views on Faith Play George Coyne on the Nature of God and the Natural
https://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/scifaith-body.html - 9.1kb

44. Interview: Sir John Polkinghorne
Index More: Joel Primack Email link | Feedback
https://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/sirjo-body.html - 5.2kb

45. Interview: Cosmic Questions Interviews
Joel Primack Robert Russell Seth Shostak Jill Tarter Trinh Xuan Thuan Steven Weinberg
https://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/cqindex-body.html - 13.0kb

46. Interview: Did the Universe Have a Beginning?
Joel Primack on the Hubble Deep Field and Our Cosmic History Play Alan Guth Explains Eternal Inflation Play Alan Guth on a Beginning
https://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/begin-body.html - 11.1kb

47. Science and the Spiritual Quest Topic: Bruno Guiderdoni: Biographical background
Joel Primack Rustum Roy Pauline Rudd Bob Russell Seth Shostak Jill Tarter
https://www.counterbalance.org/ssq2gr/ssqgr3-2-body.html - 16.9kb

48. Science and the Spiritual Quest Topic: Noah Efron on David Ganz, and the int...
Joel Primack Rustum Roy Pauline Rudd Bob Russell Seth Shostak Jill Tarter
https://www.counterbalance.org/ssq2gr/ssqgr3-9-body.html - 17.0kb

49. Interview: The Argument From Design
Joel Primack on Structure, Size, Time and the Argument for Design Play John Leslie on the Interconnectedness of Finely Tuned Constants Play
https://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/argdes-body.html - 6.6kb

50. Science and the Spiritual Quest Topic: Tsevi Mazeh on religion and political...
Joel Primack Rustum Roy Pauline Rudd Bob Russell Seth Shostak Jill Tarter
https://www.counterbalance.org/ssq2gr/ssqgr3-18-body.html - 16.9kb

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