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41. History Topic: The Antievolution Crusade of the 1920s
the 1930s few of them saw natural selection as the exclusive, or even primary, mechanism of evolution. Only if one equated Darwinism with natural selection specifically, and not evolution generally, could it be said that Darwinism was dying.
https://www.counterbalance.org/history/creat1920-body.html - 6.0kb

42. Origins Topic: Eugenie Scott - Evolution, Religion and Public Science Education
without Designer Natural Selection as a Directive Process DNA and Social Behavior An Examination of Reductionism The Meaning of Genesis 1 Intro to the Evolution Controversy Evolutionary Biology and
https://www.counterbalance.org/perspevo/scott1-body.html - 3.2kb

43. Divine Action Topic: Ayala, Francisco J. “The Evolution of Life: An Ove...
on Darwin, who proposed natural selection to account for the adaptive organization of living creatures and their apparent purpose or design. Missing in Darwin’s work was a theory of inheritance that would account for the preservation of
https://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/ayala-body.html - 5.0kb

44. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Influences on Darwin
read William Paley ’s Natural Theology , and noted the amazing properties of adaptedness that living things seemed often to possess. (However, his proposal of Natural selection was utterly to supersede Paley’s argument from design . )
https://www.counterbalance.org/ghc-evo/influ-body.html - 5.3kb

45. Evolution Topic: Theistic Evolution: The Ignored Alternative
genetic variation with natural selection - is part of the very world we need to understand in relation to God. Somehow, God has used the long history of evolution to accomplish divine purposes, one of which is to place the human race in its
https://www.counterbalance.org/evo-brf/stice-body.html - 5.2kb

46. Origins Topic: Meyer on Divine Intervention in Nature
Theology of Creation Natural Selection as a Directive Process Gods Providence and Quantum Mechanics The Anthropic Principle and Creation Theology Evolution and Continuous Creation Intro to the Evolution
https://www.counterbalance.org/perspevo/pnl8sm-body.html - 3.2kb

47. Origins Topic: Gish on Teaching Creationism
Glossary: Charles Darwin , Natural Selection Topic Index Next > Meyer on 'Intelligent Design' & Natural Theology Show Topics/Video Email link |
https://www.counterbalance.org/perspevo/pnl2dg-body.html - 2.6kb

48. Evolution and Providence Topic: Meyer on Divine Intervention in Nature
Theology of Creation Natural Selection as a Directive Process God’s Providence and Quantum Mechanics The Anthropic Principle and Creation Theology Evolution and Continuous Creation Intro to the
https://www.counterbalance.org/evoprov/pnl8sm-body.html - 2.8kb

49. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Different Sciences - Different Relationships
to the explanations of the natural sciences...sociobiology can account for the very origin of mythology by the principle of natural selection acting on the genetically evolving material structure of the human brain. See can reductionism
https://www.counterbalance.org/ghc-outl/diffe-body.html - 7.5kb

50. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: God of the Gaps
by the effects of natural selection on naturally-occurring variants eliminated the need for God to design each creature individually. Three strategies seem to offer themselves in the face of this problem: God ‘banished’,
https://www.counterbalance.org/ghc-div/godof-body.html - 7.2kb

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