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1. Biography: Sir John Templeton
Sir John Templeton As a pioneer in both financial investments and spiritual endeavors, John Marks Templeton has spent a lifetime encouraging open-mindedness. If he hadn't sought new paths, the native Tennesseean-a fulltime
https://www.counterbalance.org/bio/johnt-body.html - 10.5kb

2. Faith in the Future: Sir John Templeton
Sir John Templeton Sir John M. Templeton , Founder, John Templeton Foundation See also: Hope Faith Aging Health Pain and Suffering
https://www.counterbalance.org/fitf/jtem-body.html - 2.7kb

3. Science and the Spiritual Quest Topic: John Polkinghorne on receiving the Te...
John Polkinghorne on receiving the Templeton Prize and being founding president of the ISSR John Polkinghorne on the idea that religion is carried out in solitude Other Video Sequences:
https://www.counterbalance.org/ssq2gr/ssqgr1-13-body.html - 17.1kb

4. Biography: Sir John Polkinghorne
Sir John Polkinghorne Dr. Polkinghorne is an Anglican priest, the President of Queens' College, Cambridge University, and former Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge. Polkinghorne resigned his chair in physics to study for
https://www.counterbalance.org/bio/sirjo-body.html - 3.6kb

5. Interview: Sir John Polkinghorne
Sir John Polkinghorne Cosmic Questions Interviews Play All On Being a Missionary to Science and Theology How Science Informs Us How the Natural World is Appropriate for Life Evidence
https://www.counterbalance.org/transcript/sirjo-body.html - 5.2kb

6. Science and the Spiritual Quest Topic: John Polkinghorne on the notion that ...
John Polkinghorne on the notion that people might one day be downloaded into computers John Polkinghorne on receiving the Templeton Prize and being founding president of the ISSR Other Video
https://www.counterbalance.org/ssq2gr/ssqgr1-12-body.html - 17.0kb

7. Biography: Biography Index
Sir John Polkinghorne - Physicists, Templeton Prize Winner, and founding president of the International Society for Science and Religion Joel Primack - Physicist,
https://www.counterbalance.org/bio/index-body.html - 32.9kb

8. Full Biography Index
Sir John Templeton Trinh Xuan Thuan George Tinker Frank Tipler Thomas Tracy Roger Trigg
https://www.counterbalance.org/bio/picindex-body.html - 67.7kb

9. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Key Figures and Developments in the Scie...
by the work of the John Templeton Foundation, which has commissioned lecture series, funded courses and sponsored workshops which have greatly furthered dialogue between educators working in the field. It is in considerable part due to
https://www.counterbalance.org/ghc-outl/keyfi-body.html - 7.2kb

10. Event: Faith in the Future: Religion, Aging, and Healthcare in the 21st Cen...
Sir John Templeton John Hatch Vivienne Ulansey Bob Buford Millard Fuller Keith
https://www.counterbalance.org/events/fitf-body.html - 8.6kb

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