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Recent Updates:

Questions That Shape Our Future (Zygon Center, Chicago 2003)
Becoming Human: Brain, Mind and Emergence (Stanford University 2003)
Science, Values, and the Limits of Knowledge (SSQ Tokyo 2002)
Science and the Three Monotheisms in the 21st Century, A New Partnership? (SSQ Granada 2002)
Life on a Threatened Planet - Genetic Controversy and Environmental Ethics (Berkeley 2002)
Science, Technology and Values: Worldviews in Dialogue (India 2002)
Stem-Cell Colloquy (Chicago 2001)
African Culture, Modern Science, and Religious Thought (Nigeria 2001)
Biology, Religion and Origins (Vancouver BC 2001)
Interpreting Evolution: Scientific and Religious Perspectives (Haverford 2001)
Eschatology, Immortality, and the Future of the Cosmos (Berkeley 2001)
Neuroscience, Religious Experience and the Self (Montreal 2001)
Cosmos and Creator (Seattle 2001)
Jean Vanier of L'arche (Seattle 2001)
Faith in the Future: Religion, Aging, and Healthcare in the 21st Century (Durham NC 2001)
Zygon Center Albright Lecture (Chicago 2001)
Genomics, Nanotechnology and Robotics (San Francisco 2001)
Dreams and Dreaming, Neuroscientific and Religious Visions (Los Angeles 2001)
Genetic Engineering and Food for the World (New York 2001)
Biological and Cosmological Evolution (Adelaide 2001)
Genes and Justice (Berkeley 2001)
Creativity, Spirituality, and Computing Technologies (SSQ San Jose 2000)
Evolution and Providence (Berkeley 2000)
Ethics, Values and Personhood (Seattle 2000)
Issues for the Millennium: Cloning and Genetic Technologies (Boston 1999)
Cosmic Questions Interviews (Washington DC 1999)
Science and Suffering (Seattle 1998)
Faith and Reason