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21. Divine Action Topic: Berry, Michael. “Chaos and the Semiclassical Limit...
as we generalize to a deeper theory, the singularities of the old theory are dissolved and replaced by new ones. Book Series Index Next: Butterfield, Jeremy. “Some Worlds of Quantum theory." Email link |
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/berry-body.html - 5.7kb

22. Intro Topic: A Theory of Everything
In particular this theory would unify the two great bastions of twentieth century physics - the general theory of relativity and quantum theory . Since general relativity describes the large scale, or cosmological, structure of the
http://www.counterbalance.org/intro/purpotoe-body.html - 4.1kb

23. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
known implications of the quantum revolution . In 1927 Heisenberg argued that key physical quantities (e.g. position and momentum) are paired up in quantum theory . As a result, they cannot be measured simultaneously to any desired degree of
http://www.counterbalance.org/ghc-obs/up-body.html - 3.8kb

24. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: The Hidden-Variable Theory of David Bohm
atomism and relativity theory . It points to a more holistic view of the quantum world . Indeed Bohm himself stressed the holistic aspect of quantum theory in his later years, after his conversion from Marxism to theosophy. See also the
http://www.counterbalance.org/ghc-obs/hidvar-body.html - 4.5kb

25. Divine Action Topic: Heller, Michael. “Generalizations: From Quantum Me...
that are relevant to quantum mechanics are noncommutative algebras, and it is this noncommutativity which is responsible, according to Heller, for all the peculiarities of quantum theory. Algebraic formulation also leads to the possibility
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/helle2-body.html - 6.3kb

26. Divine Action Topic: Grib, Andrej A. “Quantum Cosmology, the Role of th...
and suggests how quantum cosmology can provide plausibility arguments for Orthodox Christian theology. Grib begins by describing several key interpretations of quantum physics. According to Niels Bohr , complementary quantum
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/griba-body.html - 5.0kb

27. Divine Action Topic: Russell, Robert John. “Divine Action and Quantum M...
“Divine Action and Quantum Mechanics : A Fresh Assessment." Robert John Russell develops and extends the thesis that, if one interprets Quantum mechanics philosophically as pointing to ontological indeterminism, then one
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/russe2-body.html - 8.9kb

28. General Term: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics A theory of Quantum interactions that incorporates the insights of the theory of special relativity , and is thus relativistically correct. To date, there has been no success in developing a so-called
http://www.counterbalance.org/physgloss/relqm-body.html - 2.3kb

29. Divine Action Topic: Redhead, Michael. “The Tangled Story of Nonlocalit...
harmony” of quantum correlations remains “spooky” even if it does not involve causal dependence. For the anti-realist, the role of measurement is to actualize potentialities. But when quantum mechanics is applied to
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/redhe-body.html - 7.2kb

30. Divine Action Topic: Drees, Willem B. “A Case Against Temporal Critical...
than an external, parameter. Quantum cosmology, and its underlying theory, Quantum gravity, further challenge the dynamic view of nature. Although they overcome the problem of the singularity at t=0, Quantum cosmology and Quantum gravity offer an
http://www.counterbalance.org/ctns-vo/drees2-body.html - 5.5kb

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