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What Makes us Human?

Featured Topics

The Distinctiveness of Being Human
Consciousness and Information Processing
The Biology of our Uniqueness
Is DNA the Essence of Life?
A Neuropsychological Analysis of Religious Experience
Human Rights and Cloning
The Neurobiology of Emotion and Feeling
The Person in Modern Thought
The Person in Light of Human Genetics

Topic Sets

A Non-Reductive Physicalist Account of Human Nature... (Nancey Murphy, 9 topics)
Neuroscience and the Soul... (Nancey Murphy, 13 topics)
Stem-Cell Questions... (8 topics)
The Stem-Cell Debate: Ethical Questions... (Ted Peters, 8 topics)
Becoming Human: Brain, Mind and Emergence... (Stanford 2003, 17 topics)
Neuroscience, Religions Experience, and the Self... (Montreal 2001 workshop)


On Genetics, Ethics and Theology

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Andrew Newberg on a Neuropsychological Analysis of Religious Experience (English)